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Dandelion Acres HarvestI love to eat dandelions along with other foods that I harvest. Wild crafting is a way of life that has long been forgotten. I believe in natural medicines and wild crafted foods to nourish the body. There is so much available to us and I am excited to come along side you to teach you all about the wonderful resources growing in your back yard.

 So join me as I share my experience and expertise of harvesting what is in nature and putting it in your pantry. I will also share my wild crafted herbs, salves, and other products I have for sale from my 5 ½ acres and wooded homestead in Beautiful Washburn County, Wisconsin.


  1. Jessica Higgins says:

    I have a ton of dandelions in my yard. I know a coffee substitute I could make with them, but I would love to hear some of your recipes for food with them and beauty product recipes. Beautiful web page :)

    • Lorraine Cook says:

      HI Jessica. I have posted a few dandelion recipes on Dandelion acres harvest on Face book. are you able to access that? If not-let me know, I want to make sure you see them

  2. Lorraine Cook says:

    Hi Jessica- thanks for stopping by:
    I do have a lot of dandelion recipes I will be posting very soon.
    I make dandelion salve that is very good for the skin. I make capers from the buds. I can the greens like one would spinach. and I make jelly too, In a couple of days I plan to get to posting those recipes.
    stay tuned.

    • gordon cook says:

      that dandelion wine u made was a killer, dandelion is sure is powerful, i know its itching to spring forth out of the in our yaed right now. it awesome

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