Spring Came to My Door Today

spring2I was talking about how much I wanted Spring and a dear and special friend of mine sent some to me today, Her name is Sandi and she is one of the most considerate and kind people I know. I’ve known her since first grade, Thank you so much. These flowers sure lifted my Spirits Sandi.
AND…………..I took pictures of it with the new iphone I got a couple of hours ago,

I am a wife- mother -and grandmother. I was hit with undiagnosed Lyme disease 20 years ago and just found out what was killing me in May of 2013, It has been a long road back to health and a journey that I am still on. My love has always been wild harvesting and eating. I love to fish, pick mushrooms and garden. I have made my own medicines and harvested what I pick wild for many years, I grow herbs and vegetables. I live on 5.5 acres with my husband and dogs and cats. we bought this property in July 2013 and am getting ready for chickens this spring. I am making Product to bring to the farmers market This summer in Spooner and planting herbs to sell there too. I hope that I can help people learn about what they don't know concerning the foods and medicines that are all around us that don't come for a grocery store. I hope you will come along with me and interact so you can learn about wild things, Especially the lowly dandelion who I believe is a queen. I will talk about many other herbs that are under your feet. Natures pharmacy is outside of your door.


    • Lorraine Cook says:

      IM so glad you came to the blog, I’m glad you like it, This is quite fun. I’m learning a lot too, get ready for the recipes and what I am making Renee. I love my weeds

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