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lorraine cookI am a wife- mother -and grandmother. I was hit with undiagnosed Lyme disease 20 years ago and just found out what was killing me in May of 2013, It has been a long road back to health and a journey that I am still on.

My love has always been wild harvesting and eating. I love to fish, pick mushrooms and garden. I have made my own medicines and harvested what I pick wild for many years, I grow herbs and vegetables.

I live on 5.5 acres with my husband and dogs and cats. we bought this property in July 2013 and am getting ready for chickens this spring.

I am making Product to bring to the farmers market This summer in Spooner and planting herbs to sell there too.

I hope that I can help people learn about what they don’t know concerning the foods and medicines that are all around us that don’t come for a grocery store.

I hope you will come along with me and interact so you can learn about wild things, Especially the lowly dandelion who I believe is a queen. I will talk about many other herbs that are under your feet.

Natures pharmacy is outside of your door.


  1. Rachel says:

    Awesome site. I’m 23 years old and wish I had the talents you had. I would love to know how to cook and bake the way that you do, while staying close to the earth and not getting caught up into the consumer fast food economy.

    • Lorraine Cook says:

      Im so glad you visited Rachel. Im gearing up for all kinds of posts. Im hoping to have things growing outside to use. that is a ways off I think.
      I learned a lot by just researching what I wanted to know and there were some very special people along my path that have made my journey fun.
      Is there anything in particular you are wanting to learn about that I can help you with?

      Passing on and sharing what Im so blessed to know- is why I got this blog, are you in the south or the north?

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