Welcome to Dandelion Acres Harvest

Dandelion Acres HarvestI love to eat dandelions along with other foods that I harvest. Wild crafting is a way of life that has long been forgotten. I believe in natural medicines and wild crafted foods to nourish the body. There is so much available to us and I am excited to come along side you to teach you all about the wonderful resources growing in your back yard.

 So join me as I share my experience and expertise of harvesting what is in nature and putting it in your pantry. I will also share my wild crafted herbs, salves, and other products I have for sale from my 5 ½ acres and wooded homestead in Beautiful Washburn County, Wisconsin.

Orchids in my Window

I keep growing things in my windows as I watch the snow coming down. this beautiful orchid has started blooming. So glad it is. Maybe this winter storm will be the last.

Just 2 days ago I saw my driveway dirt  and the snow was beginning to melt, this is a long winter and I am so ready for spring.



My Homemade Corned Venison recipe

Every fall when we hunt I take a few of the roasts out and make them into corned venison.
    I freeze a couple of them for  corned beef and cabbage and the remainder I chop up after it is seasoned for the allotted time ,place into pint canning jars and pressure can 60 mins 15 lbs for a pint. this is the best  stuff for a cracker snack.
   I have made Grilled Reuben’s from this and put it in with my steamed or sautéed Cabbage,   It is just plain good. If I put it in half pint jars  I can send it with cheese and crackers in my husbands lunch.
It has that nice red color like corned beef.
Delicious. If you want to try this and have any questions —– Just ask me.
 corned venison


4 -6  lbs
venison roast (or two 3 lb. roasts)

5  tablespoons
morton tender quick meat cure meat tenderizer

2  tablespoons

brown sugar

1  tablespoon

black pepper

1  teaspoon


1  teaspoon
bay leaf powder

1  teaspoon

ground allspice

2  teaspoons

garlic powder


1 Mix all dry ingredients and rub on roast.
2 Place roast in ziplock bag and refrigerate.
3 Allow to cure 5 days per 2 inches of meat, turning bag once a day.
4 Cure at least 5-7 days.
5 Place roast in kettle and boil 3-4 hours or until tender.

 or  place in a cast iron dutch oven and bake 325 for 3 hrs or until done, make sure it doesn’t get dry and add liquid of needed,

finally above Zero

It has warmed up some and we got over the zero mark this morning. feels like a heat wave. My Calla Lily looks beautiful with two fuchsia blooms in the kitchen window.
calla lily1

The Wild Turkeys are Hungry

We have a flock of about 40 wild turkeys here, It has been so cold they are looking for food. Poor things- I would put them in the barn if I could to stay warm. But they are wild.
These are pictures of them on the crab apple trees by the house.


These are 30 lb birds in the trees. quite something to see them perch like this.

I am an animal Lover

IMG_0007I have 4 cats and 3 dogs. here are Hattie and Mattie



and the second picture is Honey,.

Mushroom Pie



I made a mushroom onion pie today and since I was making a mess with flour I made an apple too. The apple filling came from 2 IMG_0018 quarts of apple pie filling I canned in the fall. sure was easy to just dump it in the pie shell.

The kitchen smells heavenly. My husband will like this when he gets in from cutting wood today.

My copper accents

I love copper. It feels warm to be and old world. the reflection of copper in my kitchen makes me feel nice. I added some copper things to my kitchen sink opening into the living room. copper window

Well today is March 1st. they say it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Looking forward to the Lamb part.

Spring Came to My Door Today

spring2I was talking about how much I wanted Spring and a dear and special friend of mine sent some to me today, Her name is Sandi and she is one of the most considerate and kind people I know. I’ve known her since first grade, Thank you so much. These flowers sure lifted my Spirits Sandi.
AND…………..I took pictures of it with the new iphone I got a couple of hours ago,

Im upgrading to an I Phone today

2014 calla lillyI have not had a camera to take pictures with so this will enable me to do that and some how to videos I’ve been wanting to make. Now I have to learn to work that too.
Temp was minus 26 this morning.
I’m so ready for spring.
I have a calla lily blooming in my kitchen window. It is so pretty.

Long winter in Wisconsin

Its been a long winter and I’m thinking Spring and Dandelions and nettles. this is what it looks like outside my door. I’m delighted to have this blog up and running. It is going to be a lot of fun.snow2014